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  • KaWe otoscopes

    KaWe otoscopes

    The development of LED technology has paved the way for many new possibilities in the field of instrument engineering. Experts even say that there has been a paradigm shift from conventional lights to LED lights because LED technology has developed so astonishingly in the past few years.Read More

    11/05/2019 New Products 0 3041


    Kirchner COLORSCOP® Duo stethoscopes bring colour into your everyday routine. We use high-quality materials for the production of these stethoscopes.Read More

    10/28/2019 New Products 0 2040
  • KaWe Stethoscope

    KaWe Stethoscope

    KIRCHNER & WILHELM has extensive experience in the design and manufacture of highly-sophisticated stethoscopes. This company has been designing innovative stethoscopes for over 60 years, thus contributing greatly to medical progress in clinical auscultation.Read More

    10/11/2019 New Products 0 3386
  • How to Choose a Stethoscope

    How to Choose a Stethoscope

    When you’re shopping for a stethoscope, there’s no substitute for trying out different stethoscopes. Ask colleagues if you can listen through their stethoscopes. (Of course, clean the eartips before and after use.) Look at the features. Read More

    09/10/2019 Latest News 0 808
  • Learn How to Listen

    Learn How to Listen

    Auscultation is a clinical skill worth learning. The ability to accurately identify various heart, lung, and bowel sounds can help you quickly and efficiently assess patients and monitor their condition. The following conditions and equipment will help you perform a proper auscultation:Read More

    08/30/2019 Latest News 0 772
  • Five tips for using your 3M™ Littmann® Stethoscope properly.

    Five tips for using your 3M™ Littmann® Stethoscope properly.

    Littmann stethoscopes are known for first-class sound quality and comfort. But there are some simple things you can do to ensure the performance and wearability of your new scope.Read More

    08/22/2019 Latest News 0 742

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